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Welcome TO RJ Fasteners
Greetings and thank you for connecting with us via our newly designed WEB Site. Our goal is to provide our customers with world class customer service, therefore, we launched our new WEB Site and will work to enhance your online experience with our company. Please let us know how our site can serve you better.

RJ specializes in stainless steel and custom fasteners, and we will take the guess work out of your inventory processing, and manage your fastener supply chain for you.

By adopting the "Just in Time Inventory" model, our clients can achieve the following benefits:
- Free Vendor Management of Inventory        - Shrinkage Reduction\Elimination
- Reduced Stock Levels (More Working Capital)        - Less Warehouse Space Needed
- Reduced Handling Costs        - Elimination of Obsolescence
- Increased Vendor Knowledge ( Integrated Business Partnership)

RJ is committed to your success, so whether you need integrated help managing your inventory, or want to call us when you need us, we will be there to provide you with the products you need, when you need them, at unbeatable prices.
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